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Cake Whisking
July's Signature Flavor of the Month:

With so many custom flavors to choose from, there's an urge to praise one flavor a little bit more every month...

July Baby - Brown Sugar yellow cake with sugar cookie crumble, cinnamon cream cheese buttercream filling, finished with cheesecake buttercream.
Stay tuned to see new items & announcements!

Have you seen my giveaway? It will last through July 9th; my birthday!! 

I also mentioned previously that prices will increase starting in July & well, here we are!! That is also why I am trying to do fun giveaways, to make things more fun..! LOL


Email: Inquiries are also welcomed via our website:

Check IG in my stories for more up to date information!

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FOM weekend - July 8th

First, what's "FOM"? Flavor.Of the.Month. FOM. ... now that that's cleared up; July's FOM weekend will be July 8th! How does it work?!..Send me an email that you want to snag a piece of cake, you'll receive an invoice, then you pick up that weekend! TA-DA!

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Don't forget to request your loyalty card if you don't have one yet! 6th punch gets you a free cake worth $130 or less.

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